An Indigenous Fire Marshal Office

The development of an Indigenous Fire Marshal Office (IFMO) is a project being undertaken by the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) as a service being provided to First Nations communities by First Nations communities. The project has the following objectives to serve the goal of building healthy and safe First Nations communities:

  • Secure new funding for required capacity to develop and operate the IFMO.
  • Collaborate with existing First Nations fire and emergency services.
  • Engage with First Nations communities to help define the IFMO.
  • Design programs and services to build and maintain capacity within First Nations communities.
  • Address identified gaps in First Nations fire service.

This is our guiding philosophy. It means:

  • First Nations-created organization to serve First Nations communities
  • First Nations governance structure developed in collaboration with First Nations leadership
  • New, ongoing funding, free of political interference
  • Fire service careers for Indigenous Peoples
  • An organization accountable to First Nations communities through transparent reporting

IFMO Benefits for First Nations Communities

The IFMO will have numerous benefits for First Nations communities, including but not limited to the following capacity-building and risk-mitigation programs and services:

Prevention and Public Education

Culturally relevant programs for all community members.

Community Fire Services Capacity

Support in providing a range of fire, public safety, and community infrastructure services.

Regional Support

Ensure opportunities for funding, equipment, fire prevention initiatives, and training.

Capacity Support for Governance

Provide expertise to First Nations governance and leadership at the regional/national level.


Support access to and rates for individual and community infrastructure insurance.


First Nations-specific research with national agencies and provincial Fire Marshal/Fire Commissioner offices.

Incident Data Base

Research to reduce fire incidents through infrastructure and data collection.

Wildfire Interface Response

Integrated community-based fire services to engage in national fire incidents.

Indigenous Fire Service Employment

Increased employment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.

IFMO Project